is about YOU!™ was created by David Anttony in May 2017 and launched on 1st Dec 2017, to be a higher-learning training site for those who wish to excel beyond the average heights in life.

David Anttony is a seasoned business entrepreneur, philosopher, organic farmer, lover of the environment, occasional beer and good wine drinker, a deep thinker, father of six children and he authored of a couple of books along the way.™  is the culmination of forty years of effective searching,  learning, exploring, and making love with life to create real and lasting effective results.™ has a single focus: YOU. It exists to enable you to FLY HIGH.

You will find very little that is normal or conventional within these pages. Normal is the new boring, as great entrepreneurs show us, by making a new business venture soar from zero, to billions in months rather than years. Those people are doing something different. This site is about teaching you how to access and harness that difference within your own life.



Why we do things is important to more and more people these days. When we know someones true 'why' - we know so much about them!

David AnttonyI spent over 20 years creating over 8 businesses from nothing, in several different countries, and multiple industries, and all the time I did NOT know why I was doing what I did!



Business has always been the greatest challenge for me, but I did not know why I kept doing it over and over again!

After I decided to stop running my last business - an internet marketing company with over 40 full time staff spread across 3 cities and 2 countries - I spent the next three years, taking time to enjoy life and try to understand why I felt SO driven to create so many businesses from nothing.

I finally found my answer! I created so many businesses because I wanted to understand HOW life really worked. I wanted to 'get to the bottom' of life, and really know how and why things worked the way they did.

My many long years in business have given me the gift of experience, wisdom and knowing WHY life is the way it is - and HOW it all works. These are the gifts I can now share with you.

Why ?

On my journey after I took a break from business, I discovered my life purpose! It was simple - so simple: To have FUN!

I also discovered, that having fun, while other people struggled in life to create the life they wanted, was not fun for me! I wanted more 'playmates' - so the best way to create this, was to support more people to have fun in their own lives, by helping them create what they wanted easier, faster and in a more fun way.

I also wanted to create more freedom for myself so that's why I have created™ : To create more freedom and fun for myself and others.

I am based in Asia. I am available for public talks, workshops, private consultancy and mentorship coaching, with most of my work done online.