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Increase your energy with food

How to boost your energy with food

Each day are you a 'knock a coffee down your gullet and run out of the door' type ...
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how to ask better questions

How (and why) to ask better questions

  I am 53 right now and I SO wished someone had taught me some of the simple ...
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How to live a life of passion

Pass Ion – How to live a life of passion for no money down!

So you want to live a life of passion - superb! What I LOVE about following my feelings ...
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1 + 1 = 11

Like I have said many times - you will not find anything normal in these pages. My maths ...
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How to be more adventurous in life sunset pic

What is depression and how to overcome it without drugs

So many people these days are part of the growing 'statistic' around depression. Let's see if we can ...
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How to become psychic

How to become psychic …

Seeing an elephant upside down would be a strange thing to see for sure. Many people think being ...
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Little Baby thinking new ideas

Does this get you thinking? How to become more curious

WHAT does 1+1 = ? The fact I am asking what 1+1 equals of course tells you I ...
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how to feel better

How to feel happy about life tips

Did you know that when you FEEL BETTER you ATTRACT more of what you want FASTER, easier, and ...
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how to create more freedom in your life

How do I live a life of freedom?

FREEDOM ... it's an interesting word ... and it means different things to different people ... Have you ...
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Seeing something different

Seeing something different

If you were to come to one of my public talks you would often here me open with ...
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thank-you Mmoto-water-crystals

I talk to my plants …. and they listen !

I talk to my plants and they LISTEN - yes you heard me right! We are blessed to ...
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top level view

Levels! Levels! Levels …

If you are in the downtown of any major city you can jump in an elevator of any ...
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genius at work

Are you a chicken or a dwarf?

A chicken scratches around on the surface looking for food that exists just a metre away. It does ...
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great question about feelings vs emotions

What is the difference between feelings and intuition?

Jenny K Question: What is the difference between feelings and intuition? Thanks to Jenny for this great question. Before ...
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the future

Getting to where you want to be …

  Sunshine Question: I plan to go abroad but I do not know where to start. Do you ...
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