3 ways to create results in business

3 ways to create GREAT results with your clients …

Creating RESULTS is super important!

Not because results are important – but – results show us that we are going in the right direction. The right direction being one where our desires are being fulfilled.

If we are not getting TRACTION and ATTRACTION from our ACTION … then we are not in the ‘right place doing the right thing with the right people’! We don’t have flow!

Flow is all about results — if we are doing the right things we start to get feedback. Feedback can come in many forms – such as people giving you a thumbs up, giving your verbal positive (or negative) feedback about what you are doing, or a simple feeling that you are doing the right thing.

#1 way to get GREAT results with your clients ~ in life and in business, you HAVE to ‘listen’

Listening is not always using your ears!

The best way to ‘listen’ is to connect with your clients and FEEL how they are FEELING!


Here’s an example: This afternoon after a short afternoon siesta – I woke up feeling I should give one of my special clients an update about the project we’re working on. They had not asked for one — but they KEPT COMING INTO MY MIND!

All afternoon I kept seeing their face in my mind … and yet I knew they were asleep! They were in New York City and it was 3pm my time – so 3am their time – sleep time for them (hopefully).

I was super busy but I could feel that by 6:30pm my time I should send an email.

I sent an email by 6:45pm – their 6:45am – I got a reply in a few seconds!

The reply said, “Thank you for the great update”.

They were up and about and hot into their day before 7am.

Listening is TAKING ACTION on what we hear – and what we hear does not always come through our ears!

#2 way to get GREAT results with your clients – give!

Don’t just give – Give First!

In my book The Power Of 8, I share one of my greatest see-corrects (secrets) – giving first.

The example above in #1 is all about giving first. Waiting for someone to ask, “please give me an update” is so 18th Century!

21st Century is about SEEING what others do not see, and DOING what others do not do!

Give to people before they ask. LISTEN to their energy and then respond – people will be amazed! They will think you have a ‘6th sense’. And above all, they will think you really care.

In business caring = trust. And trust = $.

#3 way to get GREAT results with your clients or in any other aspect of your life…

Repeat #1 and #2 EVERY DAY!

Life is very very simple. It’s the simple things that get HUGE results.

Other people just want to know that you care about them and if they have to ask you to show that you care, then the game is over!

Acting first and being connected to others needs gets you:

  • Results
  • Wealth
  • Acknowledgment
  • Power
  • Sanity
  • Ease and FLOW
  • Magic!

Life is very simple – DO  //  BE   //  HAVE

DO amazing things in life.

BE the amazing person that you really are at your core.

HAVE all the magic, wealth and abundance you desire.

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