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Are you a chicken or a dwarf?

A chicken scratches around on the surface looking for food that exists just a metre away. It does not think to raise its head and LOOK, but instead it chooses to scratch its way towards its food: scratch by scratch. A chicken will not plan for tomorrow because tomorrow it knows may not come. A chicken will not plan or create a home it will just meander forever round and around the same land, thinking it’s walked across the whole world.

A dwarf on the other hand (if they existed) would dig a hole and dive down deep looking for hidden gold and gems deep within the Earth. They would build great caverns and huge halls to celebrate with their clan, and tell stories from a thousand years ago.

A dwarf has vision – and a purpose – and a focus – and never gives up!

What would you rather be – a chicken or dwarf?

There is GENIUS in VISION … and PURPOSE …

Genius – have you ever considered what this word could really mean. Maybe it could mean “Genie In Us”! Maybe we have the ability to ask a question and discover the answer.

Albert Einstein was considered one of the greatest geniuses in the 20th Century, but if you read his words he alludes to the true reason for the existence of his genius. “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” he is quoted as saying.

I met a man once who was so incredibly curious about what people like Albert Einstein said and did, that he spent over 40 years of his life creating a process and set of techniques whereby he could teach people HOW to access the potential of the human brain and mind just the way Einstein and other Genius did. I studied with that man for nearly five years.

That man wrote many books, but the one that touched the world and me, was a small blue book.

I started a list 8 years ago of the core human qualities or ‘powers’ that allow us to create the life we truly desire. I so far have found only 8. One of these powers is the Power Of Curiosity. It’s truly a GREAT power and one that is not found in many people. Guaranteed though you will find this power in all great leaders.

So are you a chicken or a dwarf? Are you curious and want to dive deep into life or are you happy to scratch around and run in circles?

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