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Does this get you thinking? How to become more curious

WHAT does 1+1 = ?

The fact I am asking what 1+1 equals of course tells you I am not looking for the answer of 2 …

If this has got you thinking then great… you are on the way to creating more of what you want in your life. This means that you are curious.

If you are curious you will learn. If you learn you will create NEW things for yourself that you never thought were possible.

I for example being born in a backward industrial working-class town in the UK, did not expect to create over 8 businesses in multiple countries. My two other brothers as a comparison, have not even left the area they were born in.

How to become more curious

Curiosity is POWER … I call it one of the 8 Personal Powers : The POWER of Curiosity.

Here are 5 things you can do today to increase your power of curiosity:

  1. Don’t just ask questions ask BETTER questions
  2. When you feel passion rising inside of yourself never throw water on it – allow it to rise and ask better questions of YOURSELF about what you want to create in your life
  3. When someone talks LISTEN and then ask questions – this will not only make you friends (#1 top tip from: How To Make Friends And Influence People – Dale Carnegie [ only 15 million copies of his book sold)
  4. When someone gives you a THREAD find a NEEDLE – as in tie things down – usually by asking better questions.
  5. Look at the stars in the night sky and ask questions : How many stars are in our Galaxy? … Are there any planets around those stars that have life? … On average how many stars that I see have inhabitable planets? … so in other words THINK BIG – BE AMAZED ABOUT LIFE!

What is a better question?

A better question is one where you have added some thought!

Here is a great example if you are meeting with a mentor:

Don’t ask: How did you become successful …

Ask:  Can you tell me three things you did that helped you create the success you wanted …

OR ask: What is your definition of success …

Better questions are focused questions that will give you key value rather than broad value. Key value is what you can use to ‘unlock doors’ in your own life.

So if your mentor knows you a little then you could ask a better question like this:

You have known me for 2 months now – can you give me 3 tips on how I can create better results in my projects…

I asked a better question and the result BLEW MY MIND!

I once asked this question after travelling through India for six months:

How can I support all those children in need to have and create a better life?

In 1988 – September the 1st to be exact at midnight, I arrived in New Delhi India after selling everything I owned – yes EVERYTHING – down to used sticks of lipstick! [ We had lots of garage sales and the lipstick belonged to my wife and not me! ]

I was 22 – young – inexperienced – malleable – impressionable and of course easily influenced! BUT despite all those ‘flaws’ – I was deeply touched by the plight of people – especially children.

I have to admit my own childhood was not one of roses and fine chocolates – so this added to the ‘hammer on the anvil’ impact of seeing all those children and people struggling to just survive.

I did not know what to do and I deeply wanted to find a solution. For me NO ONE should go hungry on this planet NO ONE! We have so much on this planet – there is plenty to share – as long as we make a choice to share!

That ‘better question’ BURNED inside of me for over 10 years until I came across a special man called George Soros. It would have been so superb to have been influenced by him in person but his books had to do the job instead!

The inspiration (fire within) that was inspired by George, spurned me to create a solution to a TEN year problem I had worked on – how to support those children in need.

The solution exists today thanks to the work of MANY PEOPLE – it’s called Buy 1 Give 1 or B1G1.

Asking better questions can deliver MASSIVE results for us if we persist.

My initial dream was to support 10,000 children in need in India.

Today B1G1 has exceeded that MILLIONS of times over and is working in over 14 countries right now :

  • 172,356,060 micro giving transactions have been recorded by B1G1 since it’s inception in 2007.

And it’s SUPER important to note that the results of this AMAZING company are not of my creation. BUT the vision to CARE FOR THOSE IN NEED was.

I did not stop till I found a SOLUTION.

I kept on asking better questions for over TEN YEARS.

I ACTED when the time was RIGHT.

— the results speak for themselves. And hundred’s of thousands of lives have been touched in the process – and MILLIONS of lives will be touched in the future … the story continues.



How to become more curious your next steps

I will leave you thinking about what 1+1 could equal other then 2, and if you come up with an answer that you want to share great – share away in the comments below – if not keep thinking about WHY I have asked this question and WHY 1+1 could equal something someone else has told you.

And I will leave you thinking about creating and asking better questions.

If you want to become more curious you have to have a BURNING desire to create more of what you want in life and produce better results for yourself (and others).



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