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What is depression and how to overcome it without drugs

So many people these days are part of the growing ‘statistic’ around depression. Let’s see if we can work through what is depression and how to overcome it without drugs in the next bundle of words.

As you may know – nothing I share is ‘normal’. Normal is the new-boring! My views around one of the worlds largest growing ‘illness’ are not normal either. Let’s dive in and solve the ‘depression’ puzzle without even thinking about resorting to drugs.

Stop labelling yourself as being depressed!

The first part of the depression puzzle is to STOP labelling yourself! You’ve probably heard of the term ‘self-medicating’ – well there is such a thing as self-labelling also. Let’s get the story right – medical people need to label you so that they can ‘fix’ you – medicine is all about labels – but YOU do not need to take part in that ‘psychology experiment’.

A team of neuroscientists from Colorado University Boulder and the University of Amsterdam published a study in late 2018 that demonstrated expectations can influence everything from how one performs on a test to how one responds to a medication.

How others label you, and more importantly how YOU label yourself, is very important to how quickly you can transform your healing challenge.

Many people will strongly argue that a clear label gives ownership and that without ownership you cannot solve the problem. So if you are an ‘alcoholic’ many would say the first step is to accept you’re an ‘alcoholic’.

Yes, the first step to solving a problem or challenge is to clearly see the problem or challenge. BUT that is the first step. The VERY NEXT step should be to focus on the solution and NOT the problem.

In terms of your focus time, you should spend 0.1% of your time (yes 1/10 of a percent) on the problem and 99.9% of your time on the solution.

If someone gives you a label and then you use it, you are focused energetically at the problem level and NOT the solution level.

Remember Dr. Emoto work demonstrating that words have a clear energy pattern. Words not only have ‘power’ they create specific energy. If we use words that create energy-patterns of SICKNESS – how can we heal! We take one step forward and two back.



Words have power – real power in that their impact can be photographed. This scientific conclusion is the result of countless experiments Dr. Emoto performed in his long and fruitful career. Simply writing a word on a piece of paper and putting it under a glass of water can change the energy structure of that water!

This knowledge around ‘programming’ water is not new, but it’s the first time it has been able to be proved using clear and scientific principles and simple photography. A special man out of Texas USA since the mid-1960s taught hundreds and thousands of people how to program water. I was one of his students thirty years ago.

What labels should be used for depression so you do not need to take drugs

We love labels that’s why when others give us a label we often feel relieved because at least we know where we stand. Labels bring some sort of certainty to something that previously could have been a vague experience to us.

If the labels we use identify with the problem and not the solution it’s time to change them. This for some can be hard because they believe it’s important to ‘face reality’. But as mentioned in my article about how to become psychic reality is subjective.

One way to ‘soften’ a label is to reword it in more general terms.

Here are some examples:

I am dyslexic

Softening this you could say ~

I get my words mixed up

Softening this further you could say ~

I sometimes get my words mixed up

And instead of using the words

 I am an alcoholic

You could soften this by saying ~

I have a challenge with alcohol

You will notice that there is no denial going on – only a change of words.

When you soften words, you SOFTEN the ENERGY behind the words. This softening allows for natural ‘healing’ to occur. ‘Healing’ occurs when our core energy frequency increases.

In my article about how to live a life of freedom, I shared an infographic about the different energy frequencies and how they relate to our feelings. Depression is at the BOTTOM of that chart – so ANY improvement in your feeling is one step towards living a fully engaged life again. Even a slight increase in your positive feeling will help you move forward. You just have to stay focused on moving forward and not keep looking at the problem but focus on the solution you want to experience.

Here are some rewording options around depression that you can try

I am depressed

~ I feel flat and have low energy

~ My energy is low and I don’t feel optimistic about life

~ Right now I cannot see a clear positive future for myself

~ My life experiences make me feel low in energy

I suffer from depression

~ I am choosing not to see a bright future

~ I would like to see a positive future but right now I cannot

~ I want to feel better and more positive but I don’t know how

Be careful of ‘realists’ when it comes to depression and any other health challenge


depression and reality not using drugs

If you want to experience something other than what you are currently experiencing you HAVE to see what you are currently experiencing differently – in other words, you HAVE to CHANGE your energy about your current experience in order to experence what you want.

You cannot get to where you want to be from where you are right now!

This is one of the greatest conundrums we face with changing our reality and our health experiences.

Albert Einstein put reality into these terms:

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one

Listen to your self when it comes to your life path and life experiences. Hold ‘half an ear’ open to other peoples’ ideas but at the end of the day listen to and follow your own feelings. Only by following your own feelings will you experience the life you desire.

If you feel ‘stuck in a hole’ that you cannot get out of, and someone tells you that you are depressed and should take medication so that you can function properly and that it’s the ‘responsible’ thing to do – maybe think again about listening to them!

Once you start down the drug path with any health issue, you jump on someone else’s ‘mouse wheel’ and run in THEIR circles. When you choose the drug option, it can be very hard to select other ways later on – drugs change our energy setpoint and can make it hard to regain our life focus after this.

Before you start thinking of choosing drugs as a solution to your ‘depression’ challenge, look harder for better solutions first. I am not by any means saying you should not go to a medical professional for support with your ‘depression’ challenges, but I am saying if the only choice they give you is antidepressants, then I would encourage you to think twice about that solution unless your life is at risk.

There is a massive movement around depression being a medically treatable problem and that people suffering from this health challenge should reach out to the medical profession for help.

The challenge with this path is that the medical profession tend to ‘solve’ problems with drugs and this long-term is not usually your best solution.

I stand firm in my conviction that life challenges should be solved with LIFE GIVING solutions and that drugs should be used only as a last last last resort. Health care professionals should be using other tools before jumping to the meds!

SIXTY-FOUR percent is the increase in the percentage of people using antidepressants between 1999 and 2014 in the USA. In 1999, 7.7 percent of the USA population took depression medication. This increase seems to be directly proportional to depression being considered a medical problem instead of a life problem.

What is depression and what creates it

Depression is simple – it’s a symptom of when you lose hope in life and you feel powerless to create the life experiences you desire.

In life, our ability to create the life experiences we desire is directly proportionate to the energy we hold. If we’re positive and optimistic, we can create new life experiences faster and easier than if we are depressed and lonely.



When our energy is at rock-bottom our ability to attract (create) what we want for ourselves reduces.

Basically, life is a massive river of energy and we are like a dam gate with the river flowing through us.  If our gates are closed as is the case when we are depressed, then little or no water flows through us — life flowing through us gives us energy and optimism — the more that flows the better we feel and the higher our energy setpoint.

What creates depression is you!

Life happens, but HOW you see things will change them!

You can choose to change the way that you see your life experiences and you will feel better INSTANTLY. Energy moves at the speed of light – it’s fast! You can move from feeling depressed to feeling optimistic in 3 minutes – a massive shift in your energy setpoint. If you bounce back to feeling depressed after feeling optimistic means you are choosing again to focus on the problem and not the solution.

If you take drugs though to ‘fix’ your depression challenge these substances stay in your bloodstream and body tissues for many days making it harder to change your energy setpoint permanently. They act a bit like a rolling doll where you push it over and it rolls automatically back into place because it is bottom weighted. If you are taking antidepressant drugs for your situation then you may need to seek medical assistance to reduce your dosage so that you can stop taking them.

The best thing is not to take drugs in the first place and instead take steps FORWARD in your life – open your ‘water gates’ and start letting life flow through you again.

How to flow forward in life after a difficult life experience

Most people slide into depression after experiencing a difficult life experience. What determines if they get stuck there is how they choose to see life from that point forward.

We all have difficult ‘depressing’ life experiences – it’s life! We get knocked out of our shoes and it can be hard to move forward – life can seem unfair and harsh at times – and yet at other time it’s abundant, giving and rich.

To move our energy forward after a difficult experience we HAVE to start to see and feel that we CAN create the life we want.


And the magic of life is that as we open, and let go, life flows through us again; after all the river was always there – we just did not let it flow through us.

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So does this all sound too easy and simple?

The simplest things are often the best solutions in life – ask Warren Buffet – he’s one of the simplest and wealthiest people on this planet.

And yes it is simple – life is simple!

Life is simple – focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want!

… and if you struggle to follow this simple step – focus on gratitude.

And if you are still struggling to do these simple things read/watch the story about the ‘Miracle Man‘: Morris Goodman.

In 1981 Morris crashed his plane when landing. He broke his C-1 and C-2 cervical vertebrae and was left fully paralysed. He was unable to breathe, talk, or swallow on his own, and could only communicate by blinking his eyes.

Doctors told Morris he would not walk again. He disagreed!

Morris told doctors (after creating a code by blinking his eyes) that he would WALK OUT BEFORE CHRISTMAS despite being on a ventilator and unable to talk!

He was admitted on  March 10, 1981 and was released on November 13, 1981. He walked out of the hospital unassisted. THIS IS THE POWER WE HAVE.

Never make excuses about not being able to create the life you want – NEVER!

You can create anything you want in your life – just make the decision to do it – let your passion DRIVE you in all your life adventures. NEVER give up!

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