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What is the difference between feelings and intuition?


Jenny K

Question: What is the difference between feelings and intuition?

Thanks to Jenny for this great question.

Before I answer this question I would just like to add a little about questions themselves. So often we may feel that the ANSWERS are what is important, where the reverse is actually true: QUESTIONS are the most important thing!

I call it The Power Of Curiosity – it’s one of the eight powers I will share some time. A curious mind is a deep mind. It’s so easy to skim across the surface of life, eat ice cream, cookies and chips, get fat and wonder when we die, what life was all about! When we are curious, we are ALIVE and ENGAGED in life.

The quality of our questions reflects the current quality of our thinking and the current quality of our being. If we want to learn more about life, then we should improve our questions by learning to ask better questions.

This is a great question because it can help us discover more about HOW life works. When we know more about the ‘how’, we are more powerful in our lives, and our lives are so much richer in every possible way.

The best way I can explain the difference between feelings and intuition, is that our feelings are like the paint we use to paint a picture – it is the colours and the texture from which we can create a picture. The final picture though is our intuition – it’s the combination of everything, including the paint, to give us a final image and a final piece of creation.

The paint alone cannot give us a final image, it can only give us part of the picture. So our intuition is made up of so many things coming together in synchronicity to show us something we want to see.

Let me share a funny but beautiful story.

This morning I was chatting with my little daughter Kyra who has just turned 5. I asked her, “Do you want to know the secret of life?”

I was just having some fun with her and I was curious about what she would say or do.

“Yes, Papa,” was her sweet reply.

“Ok. Come here and sit on my lap and I will tell you.” I pulled her up onto my lap and held her close and spoke quietly to her, “The secret of life is that everything is energy.”

“Is that all!” she exclaimed, and threw herself back out of my arms onto the settee as though she had just been teased.

“Yep,” I replied, “life is very simple.”

I was not in fact teasing her – but it was a great experience for me to see how she would react. And I did tell her the secret of life: Everything is energy.

If you have read any of my books (you can buy them on Amazon), then you may remember me sharing that the energy world underpins the physical world – just like atoms underpin matter. We can live our lives just in the (boring) physical world, or we can dive deep into the richness.

Our feelings and intuition are ‘tools’ we can use that allow us to do amazing things in our lives. They move our focus from the outer ‘effect’ based world, to the inner ’cause’ based world. Everything is created first in the energy-based world – the world of our feelings and intuition, and then reflect on the physical world. It’s called the power of creation.

Our intuition allows us to do incredible things. For example, I once won a bet on the Australian Melbourne Cup. I not only came up with the winning horse, I also came up with the number 2 horse as well! You can read about this story, and how I did this using a technique called dream control, in my second book The Power Of 8.

The best part about our feelings and intuition is that we do not need to learn them – they ‘come with the package’ so to speak! They are part of being human. Allowing them to be a part of our lives though is a choice. The more actively we make this choice then the stronger their influence in our lives.

The ‘10% brain use’ myth, which says that we may only use just 10 percent of our brain capacity, is a myth in itself. Our intelligence does not come only from our brains. Our full intelligence comes from the integration of all parts of our being. Our intuition and feelings add a very powerful layer to our intelligence capacity, because they add the non-physical component. All we have to do is learn a few new tricks, so we can integrate our feelings and intuition, into our physical daily lives, while remaining grounded and present.

If you want to live an ordinary mundane life, then you do not need to bother investing your time and energy in improving your initiative ability! But I guess seeing you are reading this you want MORE!™ exists so you can do more with less, and create the ideal life you want easier, faster and with more fun. Life is meant to be easy and fun. If you are finding it difficult and hard, then maybe it’s time to review how you are doing things and learn some new tricks to make things easier and more fun.

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