Increase your energy with food

How to boost your energy with food

Each day are you a ‘knock a coffee down your gullet and run out of the door’ type of person, being oblivious to the fact that real food can boost your energy – and poor food habits decrease and destroy your energy; or are you conscious about what you consume becomes YOU literally!

Now don’t get me wrong when it comes to diet – after all, there is the word ‘DIE’ in there! I know too many get HUNG UP over the word diet! When it comes to diet I am a ‘sort of right of the middle of the road kinda guy’!

I have lived many different lifestyles myself and I know how challenging it can be to follow a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. I have brought up and cared for four children, spent over 12 years of my life in corporate industry, as well as created over 8 businesses over 18 years in five different countries. I am all too familiar with the stresses of modern living!

Listen to your feelings to boost your energy with food

The great thing about your body is that it will tell you how ‘it’ feels. But do you listen? Do you listen and connect with your feelings about what to consume and when?

If you want to change your life you need to make better decisions in every key area of your life. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get a different result is for sure pure insanity.

Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results

Quoted purportedly by Albert Einstein

The first new habit to start with if you want to manage your personal energy better, is to start by checking in on your feelings about what to consume and when.

The next step is to just observer your daily energy cycle. Becoming conscious about not only how you feel throughout the day, but also noticing your energy levels throughout the day – these are important first steps.

How to boost your energy with food by becoming conscious of your own energy

You can never change something you are not conscious about! If you want to change something about your lifestyle, first observe yourself to fully understand what you are currently doing and why. If you want to change a habit that is not conducive to your life, then knowing the why is important – it helps you to unravel and overcome addictions that you may have developed over a number of years.

When I was around 26 I developed a major sugar addiction in the form of chocolate coated cookies! I would eat on average 2 or 3 packets a day – but sometimes five! It may sound like a fun addiction but in the end it was a destructive one.

I was living with my first wife in her mother’s house in a small unknown town called Thornton-Cleveleys in the UK – close to Blackpool which is better known. The house was close to the beach and in the distance over the bay you could see the Lake District mountains. It should have been an idyllic place to hang out for a few months but I turned it into a hell-hole!

My cookie/sugar addiction crept up on me over a period of two months. Towards the end of my addiction, my mother-in-law would play devil’s advocate with me and hide my cookies! This added fuel to my emotional fire and I started to get angry as well as being sugar addicted!

I solved my problem in a single day – I asked myself – why am I so addicted to cookies right now? The answer was simple – I was bored and felt trapped and had no future direction life plans!

For three years prior to my time in Thornton-Cleveleys, I had travelled with my wife around the world – literally. We had travelled through six countries and had the time of our life.

After I discovered ‘the why’, I simply observed my feelings. When I next felt the deluge of desire to eat cookies, I simply sat still, closed my eyes and observed HOW I felt. This broke the cycle of energy.

Not only did I solve my cookie addiction, I solved the question about what to do next in my life. When I took the time to connect to my feelings it quickly came to my conscious mind that my next step in life was to travel to Scotland.

This is how I ended up living in the Findhorn community in northern Scotland after first spending a month with my wife exploring the Inner Hebrides on the west coast of Scotland.

When you bring consciousness to a problem it literally dissolves the problem at an energy level! Some call this ‘listening to yourself’.

In one day I learned how to solve addictions for myself.


How to boost your energy with food by getting the ‘when’ right

Notice the word ‘when’ in what I shared above. When is very important. Your body has many energy cycles just like the moon has a monthly energy cycle and the sun has an annual plus an 11-year cycle.

You can participate in so-called ‘bad’ health habits with less energy and health impacts on your body IF you do them at different times of the day.

The coffee-in-the-morning-to-boost-your-energy poor-lifestyle habit that so many people participate in, can still be performed, but instead of doing it at 7 am in the morning – doing it instead after 10 am, changes the impact on your energy and ongoing health.

The timing of ‘bad’ habits is important. We all have ‘bad’ health habits, but you can reduce their impact by changing the timing.

How to boost your energy with food by 50% in a week with little or no effort

Your body has an array of energy cycles. And while each of us is unique, there are a lot of common energy cycles we all experience.

If for a moment we think of our body as an engine. When you start an engine it’s cold and takes a lot of extra energy to get going. You can also hear the different sound a cold engine makes. After an hour or so the engine is very hot and is ‘purring’ along nicely.

Let’s now imagine our engine is a jet engine. So the fuel is jet fuel of course. If we try to run the engine on crude oil it will not work – obvious! Now imagine the jet engine has been running for an hour – it’s at full speed and running really well. If at this point, you injected small amounts of crude oil into the engine, it would not stop – it may ‘hiccup’ – but it would not stop running.

Over time, of course, you could get some engine damage occurring, but at the time you inject the oil into the engine, the engine would not stop running as long as the amounts injected were small.

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Coming back to your own body now, this is a typical example of the average person’s daily energy cycle :

 how to boost energy with food graph

  • Midnight to 9am -body cleaning itself – lower energy cycle
  • 9am to 11am – body ‘warming up’ – increased energy cycle
  • 11am to 2pm – body ‘running hot’ – highest energy cycle
  • 2pm to 4pm – body engine ‘slowing down’ – reducing energy cycle
  • 4pm to 7pm – body engine ‘slowing down’ more – reducing energy cycle
  • 7pm to 9pm – body getting ready to sleep
  • 9pm to midnight – body sleeping – low energy level

As you can see from the chart above the energy peak
is 11am to 2pm, with the energy rising fast after 10am …

… Take note of this key piece of information.

If you want to indulge in eating (or substance) behaviours that you know are not the best for your body, then you should perform these between the hours of 10am and 2pm.

Following this simple advice will allow your energy to increase by at least 50% in less than a week.

7 Things you can do today to boost your energy with food

  1. Stop eating heavy foods in the morning before 10am. There’s a reason why it’s called breakfast because it is breaking-the-fast! After fasting you always eat light foods.
  2. Eat heavy water-based foods before 10am e.g. fruit (no yogurt, no breads etc). Drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices (dilluted with water).
  3. Consume coffee and heavier foods like breads / grains after 10am. Stop drinking coffee after 2pm – switch to teas instead – especially non-caffein teas.
  4. Eat your main (heaviest) meal of the day just after noon. If you eat meat eat it at the midday meal.
  5. Eat a light dinner that contains a lot of salad and raw foods and lightly cooked foods. Make sure you finish eating dinner by 7pm. Avoid eating animal products for the evening meal unless they are fermented e.g. yogurt.
  6. If you consume alcohol try to finish consuming it by 8pm.
  7. Increase your water consumption throughout the day – try to increase it by 50%!

If you implement some of these simple ideas, in less than a week you will notice: greater clarity of mind, more restful sleep, and most importantly – more energy! All by making small adjustments with your food and what you consume and when you consume it.


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