how to ask better questions

How (and why) to ask better questions



I am 53 right now and I SO wished someone had taught me some of the simple but super powerful things I share.

I had to paddle forward and backward through life to ‘get to the bottom’ of life. Something inside of me has always driven me to understand how life works in all its intricacy. When I was 18, I was not interested in girls like other boys my own age, instead, I wanted to know how the mind worked and how it can create our reality!

I am now at the bottom – some call this enlightenment. I can look up and see everything – but more importantly, everything I see is a PART of me – I absorbed and digested it on my life journey getting ‘to the bottom’. I do not share ‘trash recyclables’ – I share the core of my being!

One of the greatest ‘tricks’ I learned several years ago was the power of asking better questions.

I had known for years that questions gave me access to ‘hidden’ information – but when I learned about better questions, my personal universe duplicated itself. I moved to a new level of understanding and ability.

Questions open doors in our mind – better questions allow us to pass through the doorway!

Here is an example of a better question that I asked myself about 4 years ago.

When I was 29 I heard about a gentleman called Rudolf Steiner. He is famous for his education system but is also well-known for his system of agricultural farming now called Biodynamics.

I learned about Steiner when I was living in the Findhorn Community (Foundation) in Northern Scotland. The community had a Steiner school so I gained first-hand experience of some of his ideas in action.

Biodynamic agriculture in simple terms is organic farming + energy farming.

When I started our own organic farm I remembered what I had learned from Steiner. But what he taught PERPLEXED me deeply! Something did not feel right about what he taught.

What he taught seemed VERY complicated for me. For over two years I did not know why it did not feel right. Then one day I asked the better question of myself: “Why did Steiner have such complicated,  ‘weird’, and detailed processes for farming?”



To give you an example, this is an infographic for creating one of the Steiner Biodynamic preparations called 500:

asking better questions exampleSource:

The answer I received to my better question BLEW ME AWAY!

It was as though I was speaking to Rudolf himself. The answer I received was that in order to systematise his knowledge, so it could be replicated by ANYONE, he had to create processes that would REPLICATE the energy intention that he wanted to imbibe into his mixtures.

You see Biodynamic farming is all about energy farming. The energy comes from our INTENTIONS.

Rudolf had a huge problem though – he needed to teach his ideas in simple but REPLICABLE ways. He needed to teach advanced energy mechanics to people that he would never meet, or who could not comprehend the depth of his connection and understanding of energy and plants.

I have to admit that when I started organic farming myself I really felt Rudolf’s ideas were ‘stupid’!  After all – if you want to change the energy dynamic of a plant or soil, you simply tell it what you want such as saying “thank you” when you water your plants. This is what Dr. Emoto brought to the world of energy dynamics and what I had learned over 30 years ago when I learned how to program water with energy intention from a man from Texas.

I was BLOWN AWAY by the GENIUS of Steiner’s ideas after I received my interpretation of his motives.

He ‘future proofed’ his knowledge by wrapping it up in processes that no matter the level of knowledge or the level of connection people had, they would still get consistent results.

If you stir a mixture one way and then another for over an hour in silence with a bunch of friends you go into a trance! It’s boring! And this is intentional so that your logical mind shuts off and you go into your feelings and become PRESENT!

The end result is magic! And that is the genie-in-us (genius) that Steiner knew.

[ I told you the ideas I share with you are not ‘run of the mill’ but unique! ]

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