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How to feel happy about life tips

Did you know that when you FEEL BETTER you ATTRACT more of what you want FASTER, easier, and with less energy — it’s called, ‘living with ease AND flow’

… [ v.s. living with stress and struggle  ]

How you feel creates a ‘magnet’

Around five years ago I fell ‘on my bum with my legs in the air and my head wobbling on my shoulders’! I spent four years creating a great internet marketing business from zero to watch it crumble and dissolve. What took four years to build, dissolved in 2 months!

I was not new to business – this was my eight business that I had created. And yet losing something that I had worked so hard to create was quite devastating. It was devastating to my financial status and my ego! I lost all my money but my ego took the worst hit!

I spent three ‘bad days in hell’ sacking 40 AMAZING people that were all part of our incredible team that had helped our company grow from nothing.

Why that company collapsed is another story. But how I moved forward from that point is part of this story.

You have probably heard the saying :

Life is a river so just flow!

(… if you haven’t maybe I just coined that one right now!)

When we experience things that we do not want they can push us into a ‘hell hole’. At the time we do not feel that we are the creators of our own little hole in hell, but often years later we can see with better perspective how we could have done things differently, and how we could have made better decisions.

The greatest trick in life is to remember that the river of life has bends, turns, edicurrents, rapids, waterfalls and on and on.

The river of life is not straight and easy to navigate – after all that would be boring!

How to feel happy about life tips

  • Life is a game – play it
  • We all die so don’t be afraid to LIVE
  • When we ‘hit the wall’ it means we are going to bounce off to a better place
  • The river always reaches the sea – always!
  • You can choose to feel good even when ‘the shit hits the fan’!
  • ‘Shift Happens’ in life when ‘shit happens’

Life is a masterpiece artwork ready for sale… We just have to remember that the masterpiece that is our life, is created by many different colours, textures, brush strokes and canvass textures. It would not be a masterpiece if it were boring!



So the next time you feel steam-rolled by life, remember to stay as positive as possible. Remember life is a game – and keep moving forward and flowing forward.

Shift happens! Flowing forward keeps your energy higher and you will attract more because how you feel becomes your personal magnet point.

Before you know it your life will enter a new chapter and you will feel better and better.



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