How to live a life of passion

Pass Ion – How to live a life of passion for no money down!

So you want to live a life of passion – superb!

What I LOVE about following my feelings is that they make sure I am ‘on the mark 100%’.

It’s so easy to just get an idea and act without checking on our FEELINGS. If we act on all our ideas we will often find that there is a timing-lag. It could be a great idea but the timing could be wrong. When we use our feelings to validate our ideas then we get the timing right – EVERY TIME!

Getting the timing wrong on a great idea is just the same as having a bad idea in the first place!

Today I was wondering what to write about. Right now there is a beautiful new moon shining above me. I’m sitting outside at our organic farm enjoying the cool evening air after a super-hot day. When I looked at the moon I thought it would be a great idea to talk about how the energy of the planets and moon affect us and impact our lives – BUT – it did not feel quite right!

It was a great idea but the timing was wrong. So I asked a better question: What should I write about RIGHT NOW. And immediately I got the idea about writing about PASSION. This felt right – I felt EXCITED to write about this right now. So much so, it’s taken me just two minutes to write what I have written so far! I started and have not stopped – everything flowed – the timing and energy were 100% on the mark. This is the power of LISTENING to your feelings.

The same way I got the idea for this article I used my feelings and asking better questions to work out the article title.

After I wrote: “Pass Ion – How to live a life of passion,” I felt something was missing. So I asked a better question: “What is missing?” I received the ‘funny idea spin’ of “for no money down” like a zap of lightning. This is the power of asking better questions – they engage our intuition.

So why PASS ION? Great question! Simple – break a word down and often it will give us a simple but somewhat hidden meaning. Passion is about passing on energy – hence pass-ion – ion being energy.

To get the image for this article I did the same: ask a better question, and observed what came into my mind. I received an image of an electrical energy storm. So off I went to search for the best image that would match the image I received intuitively.

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I am sharing some of my creative processes with you to demonstrate how to put what I share into action. It’s so easy to be a passive reader but I want to engage you and help you transform your life so you can create what you want – with ease and fun.

Give some of my ideas a try the next time you create something new. The trick to living a life of ‘magic’ is to use your feelings all the time.



I have not talked much about PASSION yet! But I am sure you can FEEL my passion through these black-and-white words written on the page. Passion is magic – it lights up everything it touches.

Pass I(t) On

Another spin-on-words is: pass-it-on. Passion is all about passing on energy. If we do not GIVE our energy then the magic is lost. Passion is about sharing who we deeply are. When we share our true-self, it touches others. It lights them up!

I have never forgotten Paul Potts first audition on Britain’s Got Talent in 2007. He touched me to tears! He sang his soul. He has NEVER looked back since that day. His passion was passed on and it created a magnificent future for him.

Watch his passion performance here.

Passion is your birthright!

Passion brings you alive. Living a life with passion, personally is my ONLY choice. I would NEVER choose anything else! I would deeply encourage you to do the same.

Mediocrity is no substitute for passion

[ The last thing I did before publishing this article was to check my feelings to see if the article was complete. It was, so this is the end! ]

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