how to create more freedom in your life

How do I live a life of freedom?

FREEDOM … it’s an interesting word … and it means different things to different people …

Have you ever really thought what it means for you?

I would go as far to say that 98.98% of all people on this planet are seeking ‘freedom’ in one form or another …

And really what we’re all seeking is to FEEL GOOD all the time.

We can find that we spend our WHOLE lives running around chasing outside ‘objects’ like money or status to feel free, when we really just want to feel good; and feeling good is ALWAYS within our reach no matter what our circumstances.

Feeling good is a CHOICE. That’s why it’s always within our reach. In each moment of life we can choose to feel good or bad. We can always blame external things on our feelings – yet – the fact is still the same – we can choose.

Living here in the Philippines is a great blessing for me because each and EVERY day I meet people who’s living situation by western standards is quite dire – and yet they are happy. They are choosing to feel good. They are indeed very free!

One of my “guru’s” is Mahatma Gandhi. He spent over five years of his life in jail yet he was always free because that is what he focused on.

You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.

Mahatma Gandhi

The best way to start the day feeling good is do this

No matter how you feel when you wake up – no matter what you think – just STOP and do this.


And then no matter what comes into your mind – unless it’s thoughts of GRATITUDE – stop and IGNORE them.

Focus on saying ‘thank you’ and feeling grateful.

I will guarantee that you will feel good, and then GREAT, within a few minutes of you waking. Take that great feeling into your day and at any time you start to feel bad – go back to gratitude.

Gratitude is the gateway to feeling good for the rest of your life and for healing your body when its ‘sick’!

Here’s why saying ‘thank you’ works.

The step beyond gratitude is to start learning how to CREATE. How to create more of what you want when you want it and in the way you want it.

As you learn how to create more of what you want you will feel better and better for longer and longer. Learning to create the life you want though takes time … take the time to learn and in the mean time fill that gap with gratitude!

Five quick tips to ‘Living A Life Of Freedom’

  • Be happy and grateful for where you are right now and for what you are experiencing
  • Every morning when you wake up say ‘thank you’
  • Make a list of all the areas of your life where you experience freedom – keep this list safe – update it every month and review your progress
  • Make a decision today to be the creator of your destiny
  • Focus every single day on creating what you want – make a freedom plan with clear steps and follow it step by step and watch your freedom increase

How to measure your current level of freedom in your life

Management thinker Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying that :

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

The simplest way I have found to measure my current level of freedom is by making a list with two columns. In the left column place the heading “have to do”. On the right place the heading “want to do”.

Each day make your list as stated designating your tasks to one of the columns. Calculate the number of items then as a percentage and you have your current freedom index!

So for example if you have a total of 10 items in both lists and in your ‘have to do’ list you have 6 items, then your freedom index is 40%. Focus daily and weekly on increasing the ‘want to do’ list and before you know it you will be running your life at 100% free!

Of course your percentage will change from time to time, but your average freedom index should run at 99.5% or higher. I can tell you from personal experience that running at this level feels really great!

Once you have a freedom index of 100% you can then go to the next level and work on your speed of creation index taking you to the next level of freedom!

A bucket can be filled from a dripping tap easier than from a high-pressure hose

If you are anything like 99.25% of the global population you want things NOW! As children we always wanted everything right NOW, but have learned from life that great things can take a little time!

Have you every tried to fill a bucket with water from a high-pressure hose? If you have you know that 98% spills out of the bucket and it takes great skill to fill a bucket in this way.

Pop a bucket under a dripping tap and go and have a cup of tea and in ten minutes or so (with little or no effort) the bucket is filled.

Speed does not equate to success in life. The old ‘rabbit and turtle’ tale tells us that constant repeated actions usually get better results than fast and rash ones.

When it comes to the creation of more freedom in your life remember to celebrate each and every day – give thanks for each and every day – AND – create more of what you want – each and every day.

Do not let a day go by without focusing on creating something that will give you a greater sense of freedom.

For example, if financial freedom is what you are wanting then make sure you do these :

  • Read one inspiring financial success story EVERY DAY
  • Every month read at least 4 books on wealth creation
  • Make sure you find at least one financial mentor and talk with them once a month at the least
  • Visit places of wealth like 5 star hotels and sit and feel the feeling of wealth
  • Make sure you are focusing on increasing your financial income by 50% EVERY YEAR
  • Ask yourself better questions about how you can create more of what you want
  • Every two months make sure you interview a person with financial means – every week you should be sending out a letter asking to interview people for your financial studies – prepare for the interview well and record it. Listen to the recording at least 10 times!
  • Give money away. Giving money away will help you feel more relaxed about money and allow it to flow faster into your life. Try this if you are not sure where to start with your giving:

Small steps create HUGE results. Take those steps today and never stop.

Why gratitude increases your sense of freedom

Every feeling has an associated energy frequency. Anger has a low energy frequency, while gratitude is at the apex of energy frequencies. There is in fact a hierarchy of frequencies that we can feel and relate to via our feelings. Remember that our feelings (not our emotions) are a guidance system. How we feel tells us vital information about our core energy frequency at any point in time.

We feel better when we can focus on gratitude because our ‘energy set point’ moves and resets itself without us having to do anything or without external situations changing. We make the change on the inside!

When our energy set point moves, we feel the shift. And because we are powerful creators we are not at the whim of the ebb and flow of life because we can choose (and create) the feeling we desire despite our external experiences. We usually have not been taught how to manage our energy, so we default to child-like behaviours instead, like upset, tantrums and anger when we experience things we don’t want.

Here is a great infographic.

While this infographic is copyright of the original concepts and details were shared by a lady called Ester Hicks.


You may notice that gratitude is not on this list. If it was on the list it would be at the very top. Gratitude is an energy ‘solvent’. It ‘dissolves’ all other energies returning our energy back to its natural ‘core energy’.

Our core energy is our natural energy frequency that we would experiencing if we were not burdened by stress, worries or fear. Another word for this is ‘energy set point’. Everyone has a different energy set point (core energy) which is what makes us all unique.

To think of all this in another way, you can imagine that your life is like a set of balanced scales. When your scales are balanced you feel great; when out of balance, you don’t feel as good.

If circumstances in life say dump a big pile of ‘poop’ onto one side of your scales, then you normally would not feel good.

If you use gratitude at this point, it’s like washing the poop off your scales and voila they rebalance without you doing a thing. In Zen this is what is meant by the “Art of doing nothing”!


feeling free scales



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