law of attraction how to make it work

Law Of Attraction: How to make it work

How to make the ‘Law Of Attraction’ work

Guess what folks – you have nothing to do!

The Law Of Attraction does not need ‘work’ – it needs something else!

Three steps back and 20 nudges to the left

Taking a step back, let’s just make sure we know what the Law Of Attraction is.

You can, of course, read more about the Law Of Attraction from Wikipedia. But in basic terms this is how I would describe it :

Energy is a frequency and it attracts to itself the energy of a similar frequency. Vastly dissimilar energy frequencies cannot exist in the same location in the same time slot. 

Have you ever wondered why people choose to live in specific areas of a city? The answer seems obvious – because that’s where they feel good. So why do they feel good living in one area but not in another?

The answer to this question lies in the Law Of Attraction: Similar energies ALWAYS gather together. It’s a magnetic law of energy.

law of attraction example

Do you remember chromatography from your high-school science days? I just loved seeing all those amazing colours ooze out of something as dull as a blob of ink.

Chromatography is one of the best ways I can find to describe the principle of energy separation and differentiation that occurs with energy and is defined by the Law Of Attraction.

As humans, we seem like a solid blob of physical substance, but we are in fact made up of an energy spectrum – or array.

This array of energy can be photographed using Kirlian photography giving a graphical approximation for what many call the human aura.

You cannot get there from here!

When someone is trying to ‘get the law of attraction to work’ they are usually trying to get what they want without them knowing that they are in the wrong place!

It’s this that causes the Law Of Attraction to fail for them.

The Law Of Attraction is not really failing, they just do not know that they are missing an important piece of the puzzle – you cannot get there from here!

There’s a massive conundrum at play that can cause your mind to spin-out.

law-of-attraction solve the puzzle


In semi-simple terms: you have to be the energy of what you want to experience.

For example, if you don’t have money, and you want to attract money, you have to hold the energy of having money not wanting money.

Clear signals, please!

The energy that you hold around what you want, be it money or anything else, cannot be conflicted. It must be simple and clear. Otherwise, there will be cross signals or Eddy currents within the frequency vibrations you are holding. By holding I mean resonate.

Frequencies are like keys. And what we want are like locks. The locks are designed to only open with a specific or very close specific frequency.

So for example, the energy frequency of HAVING something is VASTLY different from that of WANTING something.

When you are wanting something, you are holding two dissimilar frequencies at the same time – one of wanting but not having the object, and one of having the object; the net result is zero because the energies attraction point is confused and counteract each other.

It’s like you want to listen to your favourite radio station on 93 FM, but you keep flicking the dial between 93 FM and 90 FM – you will not hear what you want to hear!

So this is why the Law Of Attraction fails for newbies who are just starting to play with the world of frequency and energy.

Confusion and solutions

So if you feel confused right now – cool! And it’s expected to be confused because what I am describing is how to work within your world of feelings. I am using mental constructs to try to describe something that is not solid.

The good news is: I, nor anyone else, needs to teach you how to create the energy feeling for a specific desire because you are already doing it! You have done it all your life – just no one has told you!

There is nothing to teach! You just don’t know you are already creating the energy frequencies for what you desire and you have been successful at it.

The thing is though: you have been doing it unconsciously. The fact you are reading this article now says you are ready to make this process more conscious and under your direct control.

Remember! Remember!

The only thing I or someone else can do is remind you where to look and what to look for – nothing more.

It becomes confusing when you first want to make the creation process a conscious one, rather than it being unconscious. After a little while though, you become a conscious creator with practice. Then you have a real power!

This is why when I work one-on-one with people because I can see their current energy focus point and energy desire, I can direct their attention in the right way. Within minutes I can help someone to change their energy focus point. After that, though it’s all down to practice – practice – practice!

This LIFE show is all about ENERGY folks!

Everything in life is about energy – and all energy has a frequency. Everything we desire has a frequency.

So if you want to experience something in your life, then the frequency of what you want, must be a solid part of you for you to fully experience what you want.

This is the conundrum. You must hold the frequency of your desire even though you do not have the object of your desire. That’s why you cannot get there from here! You have to change your frequency – your energy – and you cannot hold any conflict to experiencing your desire.

Energy does not have solid linear boundaries

There is something very amazing in life though. There are no rigid boundaries between one experience or one energy, and another – the boundaries are loose and blurred.

This means that over time you can experience what you want by just following life’s natural flow.

But what if you want your experiences now!

Energy Set Point™ and energy frequency range

If you want to create and experience new things faster, you need to understand about your Energy Set Point™ and your energy frequency range.

You are where you are, and experiencing what you are experiencing right now in your life because of your current Energy Set Point™. You have a frequency – and you know this to be true because you only feel good hanging out with people who have a similar frequency to yourself – The Law Of Attraction again – similar energy attracts similar energy.

I bet you’ve experienced the game of energy attraction in your social circles many times.

You probably remember experiencing someone new being introduced to your inner social circle and you were probably polite to them but not over exuberant with your attention.

A few months after that, as you experienced them more, and became more connected with them, the experience probably changed. With this change, they moved closer to the centre of your social circle.

When the new person was introduced to you they were probably on the edge of your frequency range so you took time to get to know them but you were not very connected.

Over time their frequency (Energy Set Point™) and your frequency changed, bringing you both closer together. This change allowed for a greater feeling of connectivity.

Move from wanting to having

So if you want to experience something new you have to move your energy from wanting the experience to having the experience. This is an internal shift in of your Energy Set Point™ or an extending of your energy frequency range.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you want to experience more money and financial wealth in your life. To do that you have to move your energy into the frequency range of what you want to experience.

You can do this with simple physical actions at the start of your energy learning journey.

One such action could be for you to go and have a coffee in a five-star hotel.

You may not have the financial means to stay in the hotel but you probably can afford a coffee.

When you are in the hotel notice how you feel. If you are way outside the frequency range you will feel uncomfortable, and the hotel staff will notice that you feel uncomfortable too and may even be a little disrespectful to you!

The next step is when you go home and you are feeling comfortable in your normal surrounding, to revisit your experience by reviewing in your mind what you thought and specifically felt.

Your feelings are what you should really be focused on. They will clearly tell you what your current Energy Set Point™ is.

As you recall your feelings of being uncomfortable, take a moment to soften that feeling inside of you and tell yourself to relax. Take some deep breaths and smile a lot.

Next, imagine yourself feeling comfortable in the five-star hotel – focus on feeling comfortable.

After a few minutes of playing around in your mind, you should be feeling more comfortable.

When you are ready, return to the hotel and order your coffee again. Notice how you are feeling while you spend time in the five-star hotel. If you start feeling uncomfortable and tense – just relax and let go.

Your second visit to the hotel should feel better than the first. Keep visiting until you feel really comfortable and 100 percent relaxed in your new surroundings.

The reason for doing this type of exercise is to learn how to change your Energy Set Point™ through physical experience. This is a vital early step to learn – later on, you can learn to change your Energy Set Point™ by just using your mind and your feelings.

You will never attract the wealth you want in your life if you feel uncomfortable with wealth because it means it is outside your energy frequency range.

If you want something you cannot have any internal resistance to having it!

If for example you despise rich people and want to have a lot more money good luck! You will first need to dissolve your negative energy around rich people before you can move forward – your Energy Set Point™ has to change if you want to experience something new.

After coffee, start learning how to roll out the red carpet

Once you understand your current Energy Set Point™ you can start to learn how to create more of what you want in your life.

If you’ve ever met someone who seems to ‘float on a magic carpet’ in life you probably would have noticed that life seems to just flow for them.

Magically things run so smooth for them and what they desire comes to them with ease and flow. It’s like they were walking on a red carpet that someone had rolled out for them.

Well let me tell you – they rolled that red carpet out for themselves!

Their desire, focus, actions, and current Energy Set Point™ create the magic they experience.

It is guaranteed that they spend regular time, each day or week, focusing on creating what they want in their life.

It’s not enough to just know this ‘stuff’ you have to practice and keep practicing. When you first start to roll out your own red carpet you are choosing to be a conscious creator in life – this is a new path.

Pushing your red carpet out vs letting it roll out (flow)

We have been so hyper-conditioned to DO rather than BE.

When we let our red carpet roll out in front of us we are working with the power of flow – we are allowing our energy and the Law Of Attraction – the natural energy of life – to do most of the work for us.

Flow = 8% focused passionate action +
82% allowing and expecting +
10% desiring with clear intention

If we are trying to push for the experiences we want in life the formula changes :

Push = 98% focused action (often hard work and maybe struggle) +
1% allowing and expecting +
1% desiring with clear intention

I am sure you want to choose flow as your modus operandi for creating the life you want!

Wash, rinse, repeat!

Creating the life you want is NOT a passive process despite indicating above that Flow=82% allowing and expecting — the 8% focused passionate action is VITAL to creating exactly what you want.

In business, a key to success is planning. In life, a key to success is constantly creating what you want.

Constantly creating what you want makes your carpet roll out for you.

Knowing what you want is 99.8% of having what you want.

When you do know what you want, taking the time each day to create what you want and focus on what you want will bring your desires into life.

The best time to focus on creating what you want is in the early morning when you wake up.

The changing tide of your Energy Set Point

Unless you have reached the state of Mastership – which like all things in life is a choice, not a destiny – your Energy Set Point™ is likely to change a lot in a relatively short period of time.

Our Energy Set Point™ is the core central frequency of our energy frequency range. Our current Energy Set Point™ will also define our current core feelings.

As you can see on the simple visual model below the energy frequency range is from positive acceptance to joy where the Energy Set Point™ is sitting on strong optimism.

energy set point

Your Energy Set Point™ is like a magnet – its strongest pull is at the centre of its magnetic field. When it’s focused above ‘positive acceptance’ then your creation power is maximised.

When your energy is focused at the top of the energy scale it’s easier – and faster – to create what you want seeing your internal resistance is normally quite low.

When you are focusing your energy towards the bottom of the energy scale, it’s a lot harder to create what you want because instead of flowing forward most people who are focused here end up on a rat-wheel joy ride in a living hell!

There’s always plenty of hope in life non-the-less, seeing energy moves at the speed of light. Even when you’re focused at the bottom you can rise up in a matter of hours as long as you know how to change your energy.

If you want to read a super inspiring story you should read Tony Robin’s book Awaken the Giant Within.

Awaken the Giant Within begins with Robbins in a jet helicopter on his way to a sell-out seminar. Below he spots the building where, a decade before, he was working as a janitor, and remembers the Robbins of that period: overweight, broke and lonely.

If you read my book The Power Of 8 I share a story there of when my company had nearly gone bust and despite all odds, I decided to turn it around.

At the time I had a couple of dollars in cash, was sleeping in a tent on the beach, I only had a kilo of bananas to eat for 3 days, and I had an expired bus pass.

From that difficult but defining moment in my life, I turned the company around and a year later we were employing over 40 staff in two countries and three cities!

There is a power within us that can arise when we desire to create the life we want. And when that power rises, and we use the power of flow, and the Law Of Attraction, we can create magic beyond what is imaginable.

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