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Levels! Levels! Levels …

If you are in the downtown of any major city you can jump in an elevator of any major public building and go to the top. In a matter of seconds you can rise from the street level and sky-rocket yourself into the world of panoramic views.

When you are ‘at the top’ the view and experience is SO different. Street-level experience is vastly different to sky-line-experience.

If we mirror this concept now across to every-day life experiences, there are MANY different levels you can experience life from.

An amazing place to live and experience life from is the energy level.

Here are some other levels to consider :

  • Physical level
  • Mental level
  • Fear level
  • Out of focus level
  • Energy level
  • Ethereal level

The Energy level is like being on the outer-edges of the atmosphere before hitting space. You are so high up – you perspective is massive – life is exhilarating – the view is out of this world [ well nearly literally ] – AND yet you are still VERY much connected to every-day life.

The ethereal level (some call this the spiritual level) on the other hand is like being in outer space – you see everything but feel so disconnected – everything is all so surreal.



The energy level is the place where it’s the easiest to connect and act on your feelings seeing our feelings work at the energy level.

The energy level is also the easiest place to create what you want in your life. It takes seconds to create and then magic LITERALLY¬†happens in a matter of seconds — usually under 5 hours.

The level we live at in our lives is a choice. Each level has it’s own unique challenges but out of all the levels I have personally lived at I prefer the energy level. For me it’s the world of magic.



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