1 + 1 = 11

Like I have said many times – you will not find anything normal in these pages.

My maths is not normal either (thankfully)!

School taught you that 1 + 1 equals 2 – but it failed to tell you why! And more importantly, you probably never asked why 1+1=2 either!

Schools do not tend to teach curiosity because historically public schools (in the UK at least) were designed to create people who did not think that much! Sounds crazy but it’s true. During the industrial revolution, there was a shortage of people who could accurately execute instructions from employers. Employers wanted people who could think – but not think too much!

Curiosity could lead you to ask: Can 1+1 equal something other than 2


My greatest challenge in life has not been finding answers, but finding questions


The Power Of Curiosity leads you to ask questions. And as you get wiser – ask better questions.

This world is not short of answers but is short of questions. Questions open up new gateways of thinking.

All our great explorers and great scientists have asked great questions. Our most brilliant have learned to ask better questions.

Einstein asked the question: Is it possible to travel faster than the speed of light. This question led him on a long-long journey weaving its way through the myriad jungle of the mysteries of the universe.

It is purported that Einstein came to many of his conclusions about physics by using his imagination. One story about Einstein was that he came up with the theory of relativity after imagining what it would be like to sit on the end of a light beam!

What you see is what you get

My play on numbers is really a bit of tongue-in-cheek but with a hidden twist.

What I’m literally saying is if you just see the obvious – what is right in front of you – and not what someone else has taught you – then you can often see something different.

Most people only see what they have been taught to see.

Entrepreneurs greatest gift is seeing what others do not see.

What is the ‘hidden twist’?

What a great question!

The hidden twist is that as well as just seeing the obvious there is a twist of ‘magic’ tied into the numbers.

After creating and co-creating over 8 businesses all from zero, I’ve come to realise the value of 1+1=11.

When I take my value and partner with another person’s value the result is not equal two – but SO much more.

In my last business which was an internet marketing business running out of Singapore, with a back office of forty people in the Philippines, I taught our Singapore based sales manager Linda – a very special Singaporean lady – how to use an energy sensing technique I created and called ‘snap-shotting’ or sometimes ‘pulsing’.

When I started the marketing business I used to do all the sales. We hired many sales people but not many could produce the results we needed. When Linda started with us her average sale was around S$1800. Which was good. After two months without much help from me, she grew her average sale to around S$3000.

After I taught her how to use ‘snap-shotting’ her sales soared to over S$20,000 per sale.

This really is the magic behind 1+1 = 11.

Successful people get this one thing right.

Learn what that is right now.

In natural health healing systems that use plants (eg Chinese medicine), ‘1 + 1’ is called synergy – when you partner the qualities of two or more plants.  Together you get a synergistic effect which is far greater than the sum of the parts. It’s the magic of nature.

This very same effect is possible in all aspects of life and in the arena of business, it can make a business sky-rocket. You hear about this synergy time and time again.

Yesterday I was reading an article about Charlie Munger who is Warren Buffet’s business partner. Charlie is a bit like Buzz Aldrin – everyone remembers the first but often the second gets left out a bit!

Despite the torch of the media shining on Warren, Charlie Munger IS a MASSIVE part of Warren’s success as Warren attests.

Warren and Charlie knew each other from when Charlie as a teenager worked at Warren’s grandfather’s grocery store, Buffett & Son.

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1 + 1 = 11 and 11 + 1 = 111

There is more!

If you read anything about Warren Buffet’s success, you will often hear Warren attest his success to compound interest! I just love this about Warren – so down to earth and natural.



111+1 = 1111

The above example is similar to compound interest – the magical exponential curve of value growing value.

I live and work on an organic farm and every day I experience the compounding value of nature.

I plant a SINGLE seed and nature will give me back 1000 seeds!

I have to plant the seed and nurture the small plant when it needs support, but then it will produce 1000 and often more seeds from a single plant. To me this is magic. Me + nature = magic!

I have personally experienced 1+1 = 11 and 11+1 = 111 a few times in business.

When I co-created B1G1 with Masami Sato in Australia it was 1+1=11. And when Paul Dunn joined in Singapore, it became 11+1 = 111.

Today that business has grown exponentially in terms of results delivered to people and children in need around the globe.


I originally envisioned supporting 10,000 kids (a lot for my ‘small’ mind to consider back in 1999). Today B1G1 has supported far more children and people that I could have ever have imagined as a freckled faced 33-year-old and it will surpass my WILDEST DREAMS of supporting kids in need.

B1G1 call their method of giving ‘small is big’ – how true this is. They measure smiles and not dollars … so beautiful.

small is big


111 – 1 = 110!

There is a special addition to this maths story that I have not shared so far. Where 1+1 = 11 and 11+1 = 111 and 111+1 = 1111; when you do subtraction the rules change!

111 – 1 = 110!

When I left B1G1 after three years co-creating it with Masami and then Paul, my departure had little impact on B1G1! Sad but true.

There is a continuation of this ‘story of numbers’. There is a clear reason why growth is exponential but contraction follows standard maths (up to a point). I will leave that story to another day but I will leave you with a question.

What does 0 + 0 equal ?

If you are smart you can ‘cheat’ and buy a copy of my second book from Amazon  [good sales plug eh!]  which will tell you more special stories as well as what 0 + 0 equals in ‘exponential’ mathematics!



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Successful people get this one thing right.

Learn what that is right now.


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