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Out of your depth … How to find the flow … How to take action

Have you ever felt ‘out of your depth’ in life? I am sure you have!

When you do something new for the very first time we all feel somewhat nervous and cautious. Once we have ‘mastered the waves’ we rocket forward as though we never ever had an issue. But the first time… wow – it can be hard!

follow your feelings sea example

Right now I am watching the waves sitting here enjoying the day. I noticed the depth buoy – a real blessing in this area with a lot of tourist swimmers – it says 5ft. Seeing the average person’s height here is 5 feet it’s a perfect location to add a warning sign!

But as you can see in the photo above I took of real local kids on a raft enjoying the ocean way beyond the 5 ft water line; they are experts in the ocean. They rarely have problems seeing they are in their element. They know the waters here in La Union really well … but the locals form Manila – beware! They are the ones needing the depth markers. They are the ‘newbies’.

So I am sharing this today seeing today I had an experience this morning that was new and ‘out of my depth’.

I went to a seminar on Forex trading early this Sunday morning here in La Union. I took my 6-nearly-7-year-old daughter Kyra along. She’s on a 7-year financial education learning program – she already has her first business; the best way to learn is to do! But of course, I wanted to learn more about Forex trading as well.

I have known about Forex for many years but always preferred business as a cash creating vehicle … I must be getting old and want to learn about more passive cash creating vehicles.

Some of my superstars like George Soros have made their fortunes (and changed the world) through currency trading. But it’s never been my modality – till now (maybe).

So HOW to do something different and get great results?

Your feelings will ALWAYS guide you through new waters. If you want to do something that you have never tried before then let your feelings guide you.


Yes, there is a BUT!

So many of us live in our heads. Detached from the core reality of our skills we often make key mistakes in timing or implementation – both of which sends us crashing on to the rocks!

So if you are going to do something new – read my #3 book first! [ BIG PLUG ] Don’t Pop You Bubble – How to create the life you want.

This simple book will save you time _ stress _ money _ health. Getting things wrong is expensive in so many ways. Learning from others is the cheapest form of education!

So if you want to do something brand new – let your feelings guide you and not your head!

If you have a clear intention of your desired outcome – your feelings will kick in and guide you to create the best possible outcome for your desired outcome.

Remember these simple steps of creation :

  1. Desire to create something
  2. Check in with yourself – your feelings – that you REALLY want what you think you want
  3. Take the time to make sure what you think you want is REALLY what you FEEL you want – avoid rash decisions
  4. Follow your feelings till you experience what you desire – follow EVERY single feeling – however simple – listen to yourself – being in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing is crucial to getting the results you want – your feelings will guide you as to the actions to take
  5. Act on what you feel

Magic then happens!

Bon Voyage!


A personal creation story

Update: I am just rereading this article that I wrote yesterday. Some interesting things happened this morning that I feel would be valuable to share which will help you take action on your own feelings.

Last night after the Forex seminar I stayed with my family in a small but cute resort in Bauang just outside San Fernando. I have been here many times but never to stay.

When I booked a few days ago for the Forex seminar my feeling was to stay overnight afterward. This would allow us to sort some business things out on Monday and have a nice outing and some swimming time for my daughter Kyra. Her Chinese birth sign is Water Dragon – she would spend all day in water if she could!

I was following my feelings in everything I took action on:

  • Deciding to go to the Forex seminar
  • Choosing to stay at a specific Bauang resort afterward just up the road from the seminar

When I chose the resort I listened to my feelings. I had never stayed in that resort before, only had dinner or drinks. We normally stay further up the coast if we come here at a well-known surfing beach. This time I just listened and acted on my feelings, despite my partner saying we should stay somewhere else!

This morning when I came down from breakfast the pieces of the puzzle came together for me when I was standing in the lobby and Kyra was pestering me to buy chocolate at the small shop. As I was distracted by Kyra I spotted a sign on a darkened glass door on the opposite side of the lobby. It said ‘PUSH’. If Kyra had not wanted the chocolate I would have walked right through the lobby towards the breakfast area overlooking the ocean.

After navigating around Kyra’s 7 am chocolate buying spree I was about to walk to breakfast when I realised that the push sign had piqued my attention.  I felt curious to know what was on the other side of the sign. I went to investigate.

Behind the darkened door was a fairly large conference training room – good for about 20 people. Nice workshop or meeting spaces are rare in this area seeing it’s not a dynamic business area but it’s opening up. The seminar I went to the day before had 100 people turn up which was a surprise even to me. This area is about to boom for sure – life is changing fast here.

So the puzzle was complete – why I felt to do what I did – the mystery was out of the box and splashing around in my face.

I have been looking for a while for a great venue space to host small focused events of up to 20 people within an hours drive of where we live. Now I have that piece of a bigger plan ready to be acted on.

The magic continues!

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