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I talk to my plants …. and they listen !

I talk to my plants and they LISTEN – yes you heard me right!

We are blessed to own a beautiful 1 hectare organic farm in the Philippines. Five years ago nothing would grow on the farm – not even weeds. The soil was D E A D from 30 years of neglect (conventional farming).

We now have a mini-paradise where things will grow and now the weeds that grow in super-abundance have become our best green fertiliser.

I have noticed a VERY SPECIAL relationship between how often I spend time caring for our plants and the harvest results.

I often say ‘thank you’ to our plants. I really am grateful. We live in a super harsh climate so when we get a harvest it’s a huge blessing.  The cutest thing now for me is that when my daughter Kyra, who is just six, picks a flower and she says thank you to the plant or tree. It’s quite touching.

Plants like ALL living things feel energy. And energy can BE PHOTOGRAPHED!

In 1939 a technology was developed by Semyon Kirlian to photograph the energy imprint of living things. It became known as Kirlian Photography. It provided an incredible view into the energy of living objects. For example, if you photograph a leaf and then cut it in half, and then photograph it again using Kirlian photography, the leaf remains whole! The missing part is still visible on the energy photograph!

leaf Kirlian photography

More recently Masaru Emoto from Japan proved with a very solid and yet simple scientific process of photographing water crystals, that ALL living things respond to energy and the INTENTION of energy.

Dr Emoto from Japan spent most of his life proving that EVERYTHING responds to energy. His scientific body of work is super extensive. Since 1999 he published extensive volumes of work showcasing his discovery.

Masaru Emoto photographed water crystals that had been exposed to words, music, ideas and thoughts. The results are BEYOND amazing. They show us a special world.

The photograph on this post is from water that was exposed to the words ‘thank you. It may have been someone speaking the words or just a simple ‘thank you’ label on a glass jar. It’s not about the sound of the words but the energy intention behind the words.

thank-you Dr Emoto water-crystal

I try to work on our farm everyday because as well as giving me a great feeling I get to see first hand how my energy creates results. When I am disconnected and non-appreciative to my plants they do not grow that well and often get diseased or eaten by bugs. When I really care (with my energy) the plants are strong and super productive. The plants are my best teacher!



Everything is connected. EVERYTHING — and our feelings allow us to interact with this special ‘world’.

So when we know how to use this simple, yet special knowledge we can create MORE of what we WANT with EASE and FLOW …

The magic of the image on this post shows you something amazing. And because all living thing feel and RESPOND to energy then when you hold clear and special feeling inside of yourself – others feel these and RESPOND. This is part of the magic of 1+1=11 …

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