Seeing something different

Seeing something different

If you were to come to one of my public talks you would often here me open with similar words such as:

“Ok so I know we are all on the same page, so that we can get the best out of our time here today let me ask you a simple math question: What does 1+1 equal ?”

And of course the super brave ones in the audience call out “2” despite them wondering why I am asking this simple question and thinking it may be a joke.

I am swift to reply :

“No! What else could 1+1 equal?”

By now I have got everyone’s attention and piqued their interest.

While asking the question I am holding up two fingers in a way that gives a very clear visual clue.


Almost always I get the reply “eleven”. We’re off and running!

I rarely go into WHY 1+1 can equal 11 (because it can) at a public talk seeing this needs to time and space of a workshop to explain. But I often mention people like Warren Buffet and George Soros have not generated their wealth through 1+1 = 2 principals – they have used 1+1=11 principles. It would take you 298 years to create a billion dollars using traditional ‘analog 1+1’ methods. They use exponential math(s). The math(s) of FLOW.

Flow is what you experience when you work at the energy level – some call this the ‘world of magic’.

There are many levels you can experience life at – the energy level is the most fun (from my experience).

So how do you want to live YOUR life ?

Do you want to :

  • Never question what others have shared with you
  • Always see what others see
  • Just accept that 1+1 can only = 2

OR do you want to :

  • Find your own answers
  • Connect with your own ‘core’
  • Follow your own feelings
  • See new things that no one else has seen yet
  • Discover how 1+1 can equal 11 in your life



What do YOU want to experience?

(share some of your thoughts in the comments section so others can gain from your insights)



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